Derek’s Update – Prayers Needed! Surgery Today!

Thank you all for supporting Derek! For those that missed the previous video, Derek Sonnenfelt is a subscriber and member of the TacticalBassin family. A few weeks ago he was at a grocery store when an elderly man hit the wrong pedal, jumped a curb, and pinned Derek between his car and a concrete wall.

Derek’s leg will be amputated today (July 28th). The 3 hour surgery is scheduled from noon to three (Pacific Time). Your prayers are needed! We are praying for the doctor’s wisdom as they make decisions that could alter the rest of Derek’s life. We also pray for peace for Derek and his family throughout both the surgery and the recovery period after.

For those that want to continue to support Derek and his son through this time, a Go Fund Me has been set up.

The Tacticalbassin community has come around Derek already but he needs all the help he can get. Adapting to life as an amputee will take time. If you feel compelled to support him financially use the link below.

GoFundMe for Derek:

We appreciate you! THANK YOU for being a part of the TacticalBassin family!

Matt Allen & Tim Little